Bisakah Anda Memotong Kaca dengan Pemotong Laser

The principle of laser cutting is based on materials that can absorb the wavelength of laser light and melt. The glass is transparent and the wavelength range of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine is not within the absorption range of the glass, thus it just absorbs very little laser energy within the visible spectrum and cannot be cut by fiber laser processing machines. If that’s your situation, then we would recommend engraving tempered glass or acrylic. 
HF·BP aluminum and stainless steel sheet cutting machine
HF·BP aluminum and stainless steel sheet cutting machine

On the contrary, fiber laser vs co2, the wavelength of the CO2 laser is 10.6um, which is very suitable for cutting glass. You are likely to stumble upon one of the two common types of laser cutters − pulse or continuous wave. Pulse lasers compress the cutting energy into short bursts. That allows the machine to reach a high temperature and energy density. In turn, you get less deformation and high-precision cuts.

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