Pemotongan Laser Serat: Semua yang Perlu Anda Ketahui

As you know, handheld cutting tools are suitable for smaller cutting projects that use more flexible and extendable metal parts. However, if your project requires complex design or very small parts, it is not a good idea to try to do it yourself by hand. It is more likely to end up destroying or wasting metal materials and even causing unexpected damage to your body.

Apa itu Pemotongan Laser Serat?

For a wide range of fine-cutting projects, various cutting processes are available to handle multiple materials of different sizes and thicknesses. The traditional cutting methods include CNC shearing, punching, flame cutting, plasma cutting, high-pressure waterjet cutting, etc.

With the rapid development of processing technology, fiber laser cutting is a high-end technological revolution in sheet metal processing. It breaks through the limitations of traditional cutting, bringing safer, more convenient, and more efficient cutting results with higher standards of cutting accuracy.
Mesin Pemotong Laser Hymson Fiber


Performa Lebih Tinggi

The fiber laser cutting machine offers high speed, high efficiency, continuous operation, and more advantages than traditional cutting. Moreover, the laser cutting equipment requires little maintenance, greatly saving operation costs and achieving continuous production.

Efisiensi yang Lebih Kuat

The fiber laser cutting machine is faster and cleaner than waterjet cutting, with high flexibility, fast cutting speeds, high productivity, and short production cycles. Whether it is a simple or complex machine part, fast and accurate laser cutting can be done in just one pass.

Akurasi Lebih Besar

The fiber laser cutting machine is known for higher accuracy, avoiding material waste due to poor cutting accuracy to save production costs. The laser cutting equipment improves production efficiency and achieves better cutting results. So, fiber laser cutting is most suitable for tubes, squares, bars, flat sheets, etc.

Hasil Lebih Baik

The fiber laser cutting machine is easy to operate, has low laser cutting noise, a narrow cutting gap, and good cutting quality (supports tolerance within 0.002"). In addition, it also has good material adaptability for automatic laser cutting nesting. This helps to improve material utilization and efficiency, and reduce pollution and production costs.



Cutting Material: The laser cutting equipment can typically only cut metal, not non-metal.
Cutting thickness: The fiber laser cutting machine is usually used to cut thin metal sheets up to 6mm.
Thermal stress: Thermal stress can affect the heat-affected zone, and the best way to prevent thermal stress cracking is to adjust the speed of the fiber laser cutting machine.
Costly: The laser cutting equipment is expensive, with long manufacturing and recycling cycles. It is more difficult to purchase and maintain than traditional cutting tools.


Short-wave laser from the fiber laser cutting machine can cause damage to the eyes. So, wearing protective glasses when using is essential.
Proper ventilation must be maintained during laser cutting to protect you from toxic dust and fumes.

Dimana Membeli Mesin Pemotong Laser Serat?

Since 2008, Hymson Laser has been designing professional and reliable integrated laser automation solutions for customers. Our CNC fiber laser cutting machine China is widely used in sheet metal applications for different industries such as sheet metal, engineering machinery, construction, smart furniture, kitchen, bathroom hardware, power equipment, automotive, aviation, and petroleum industries.

As one of the leading fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers in China, Hymson Laser has been focusing on the fiber laser sheet metal application market, and is committed to supplying a wide range of high-performance fiber laser cutting machine options at affordable fiber laser cutting machine prices. Please feel free to contact us for more info!

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